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Learn why trusting your workers may boost your business


Trust is perhaps one of the most important things in life, as it differentiates the relationships we have with all the surrounding people. Of course, the amount of trust an employer puts on his workers makes an impact do. How much does a trusted worker work better and how the employer should trust his employees?

Do you trust your workers?

As you may have read earlier on this blog, trust is the big thing online. As it turns out, it is important in real life, too.

Learn website optimization efficiently

It, probably, crossed your mind that, if you knew how to improve your site yourself, you'd save yourself a lot of time, money and get infinite amount of traffic and sales. Let's see how you can at least know how to optimize your site and whether all that you dream about can come true.

Learn how to write a well-researched article and get more loyal readers


When writing content for your website, the content quality plays a large role in inspiring your site visitors to bookmark your website, share it with their friends or link to it. This is when writing well-researched articles or blog posts is helpful. Let's see how you do that.

Is your business name a misspelling?


Nowadays, when choosing a business name, people often choose a name that also happens to be a derivative or a misspelling. How will your business domain be affected?

Introduction to link building: how to start


While it is more or less easy to understand what to do before creating a website, getting links may present some difficulty, in a sense that link building is just that..getting links.

Introducing a guest blogger: Joe Dolson


Today you will (hopefully) read a guest post about Joe Dolson, a web designer with focus on website accessibility. His posts should be a nice way to add more information about accessibility to this blog, as I, as it appears, not frequent the topic very often.

Interview with Steven Bradley (vangogh)


Lately, I have invited Steven Bradley of The Van Blog, known as vangogh on multiple web development, SEO and small business forums, to guest blog here.

Integrating web design, SEO, usability and accessibility in design process


There are so many things you need to think of when creating a site, so it may really be a task to figure out what to do, when to do and what to do first. Let's see how we can speed up our site design process by integrating web design, SEO, usability and accessibility into a single process.

As said earlier, you need to take many things into account when creating a website. But how to make sure that your site does well in SEO and usability and also looks good? Let's see.

First, you list what you need to consider when designing your site:

Incoming links value factors


While everyone keeps talking about getting 'quality, relevant links', it is rarely said what those are. Let's see how you can identify a good link and estimate a page or a site to get links from.

The basics

A link relevance is when the web page (or a website) is on the same topic as yours.

Link quality depends on the amount of links to the page that links to you and on the amount of outgoing links from the page.

Improve your website and win more customers

Most often, even successful websites can be improved to increase performance. Let alone their less successful brethren. How do you improve your already functioning website smartly?

Improve your landing page for Google Adwords to increase ROI


The page that visitors land from your AdWords ad is the most important thing in your PPC campaign right now, judging by the latest AdWords landing page quality update.

How will 2007 be different for us?

The year 2006 has brought us new ideas, challenges and experience. Naturally, 2007 will have something new for us. What will it be for anyone managing a website?

Lately, Bill Slawski and I have talked a bit about the future in the search engine marketing industry. The first part of the discussion is located at SEO by the SEA. Check it out for quite an interesting discussion and more prophecies.

Below is the second part of the discussion plus my own musings. Enjoy (and feel free to link to it, too).

How website usability can improve content and your site success


Usually, usability is thought of something invisible to the developers and is rarely associated with website content and traffic. Read on how usability can affect your website copy and traffic.

How to write website content


Generally, website owners are overly concentrated on getting the best graphical layout for their site at all costs, but few go further to work on SEO and usability and even fewer focus on creating website content. How can you create a content that will convert? Read on.

There are a couple of things to consider before writing your site content:

How to write human-friendly page titles


One of the most important elements on a page is its title. It is quite amusing to see most sites completely ignore this fact. What can you do about the page titles and why should you do anything? Read on.

Why bother?

No, really, why bother with something less than a string of text? Here is why:


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