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Use the Three Lines of Code to Boost Your Search Engine Traffic


In the world of Web building, an opportunity to develop/code something quickly is a rare occasion. Mostly, you need to spend hours on research, planning and implementation (unless you code with CSS ;) ).

Here's yet another thing you can do in a couple of minutes to help search engines index your site better, so you could get more traffic within a week or two by 5-15%.

Canonicalization Issues

- "What?"
- "Ca-no-ni-ca-lization/canon-ica-lization/canonic-a-liz-ation issues."

Most E-Commerce Websites are Becoming Successful, but is Yours?


Online shopping is the latest trend among customers. Why would you still go to the shop personally when you can do shopping from the comforts of your own home? Because of the rising popularity of online shopping, more and more business persons are setting up their own ecommerce websites to meet the needs of customers and of course, earn big money online.

Little Known Source of Expert SEO Tips Revealed


In the SEO world, nearly everything is known and more or less everyone knows the most useful SEO blogs. However, you can also use the source of expert SEO tips few people know about.

Ammon Johns is one of the few SEOs that have been around since the dawn of the Internet days. His knowledge is so broad and advice so deep and useful that if your question is answered by Ammon, consider your problem solved.

Learn How to Write Titles to Get Traffic and Links: The Ultimate Guide


You are destined to boost your traffic, links and profit by writing great articles and posts. However, one of the most important factors that influence the success of your content, becides content quality and promotion, is the post title (headline). That's why you need to write great headlines to motivate your readers to read, talk and link about you.

Use this 'how to write titles' list to build your readership:

    How to Write Mind-Blowing Titles like CopyBlogger

Describe the Reality Precisely and Connect to the People


I suspect every marketer has a continuous train of thought rolling in the direction of connecting to his audience. Almost everyone knows that you need to know your audience, its needs, interests, values and so on to connect. But is there anything else you may be leaving aside?

Describe the Reality

When you tell your potential customers to use the product they need, because it'll make their life easier, most likely, you are describing their reality. Of course, it closely matches to yours, as you should be interested in what you are selling.

Define a clear goal for your website


Back in the days, everyone and their dog wanted to have a website for any reason. Even just to display dog/cat photos.

But when it comes to business websites, there is investment and return involved. If you invest in the website, you expect to get a return on investment (ROI). And to get any return, your site needs to have a goal, according to which all the actions will be compared.

What is a website goal?

Basically any website can have a goal:

  • inform family and friends of life happenings
  • share news, thoughts and links about one's interests

Understand SEO pricing and get a good SEO company


On the Web, technology is developing so fast that even the majority of the self-proclaimed specialists know less than 70% of the stuff (how's that for just coined statistics) and have little practice and confidence with the latest developments of the industry.

Given that potential search marketing clients know even less, than the professionals (or just enough to be dangerous), it is pretty hard not only to find a good SEO, but also to get one for a good price.

Design for the Unconscious: Use Design Secrets to Create Great Websites


When designing websites, you may think about what you personally like about websites, how people prefer the websites to work, or what you need to remember about your website as a professional.

The thing is, you also need to think about how the unconsciousness of your visitors is affected by your website and how you can improve your website to make their experience better, because the unconscious mind affects how people act.

What is the unconscious?

Though the unconscious in its general sense is described as:

8 Ways to Improve Your e-Commerce Product Page


Product pages of online shops are perhaps the most complex of the landing pages, as they have a lot of information, require some action and functionality. Needless to say, there's a lot of room to work in in most shops.

What is a product page?

A product page is a page of an online shop, which contains:

  • a product name
  • a photo (and links to other photos)
  • a description
  • notes about sizes, color, specifications
  • link to add the product to the shopping cart
  • links and information about related products

How visitors view websites: design for information scent


When planning and improving a website, it is important to know how people view websites. Knowing this will help you to design your site in such a way, that people will be able to find and do what they want on your website.

How to describe visitor behaviour?

Before changing the site layout, it is important to understand the nature of human behaviour on the website. It helps that certain known patterns apply to human behaviour, such as:

  • people hunt for information, using words as clues
  • people follow a funnel to conversion

Build the Web, stay healthy and live happily

Normally, working at a computer isn't considered as harmful as working on a toxic plant, poisonous factory or somewhere similar, though some (most?) people seem to enjoy it. However, it doesn't mean that building the Web doesn't negatively affect your health.

Where does it hit you?

Be yourself, market naturally and efficiently and earn more trust


Anyone in business is constantly battling for results: more customers, more sales, more profit. And more profit. Naturally, humans with such tasks are under severe pressure and use many ways to achieve the results.

However, not all the ways to make money [online] are helpful, useful and valuable to customers. In fact, they can be categorized in short term (low value) and long term (high value) methods.

So the people, who are pressed for results, may strand for the short term ones, narrowing their view of the picture and allowing minute interests spoil the overall endeavour.

Making as it should be: SEO expectations and results


When it comes to hiring a search engine optimization professional, people usually expect to get substantial return on investment. And rightly so.

However, what they don't take into account is how much time and money it will take to get noticed online.

What can one expect from online marketing?

As search engine optimization provides certain improvements in visibiity, it is no surprise that it may lead to products becoming popular and widely used. But can SEOs make an unknown product popular?

Do you receive the feeds?

Hello there, folks.

This is yet another post about improving this very site for those, who read the posts, but don't receive feeds to their reader.

It has come to my attention that some people can not access the feed through the URL they have subscribed earlier (such as

Do you have any problem with receiving feeds?

If you do, do let me know via yuri @ pr by commenting here.

Build stronger websites


Apart from bringing profit, another important part of a website is being able to live through various changes in the market.

What is a market proof website?

Back in the days, Jacob suggested creating a search-engine proof website: a website, created, as if there were no search engines, and which would get visitors no matter what the search engines come up with. I have investigated this point a bit more, too.


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