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А ты хочешь стать эффективным и востребованным маркетологом в Рунете?

Если ты занимаешься интернет маркетингом некоторое время, то у тебя могло появиться желание не просто выполнять стандартную работу каждый день, а делать что-то такое, что бы наполняло твою жизнь смыслом, и, при этом, приносило заметные результаты в работе. О том, как стать востребованным интернет маркетологом и получать удовольствие от работы, и пойдет речь в этой статье.

Use 12 Giant Lists of Social Sites to Save Time and Get Traffic


Lately, it's been fun finding niche social sites. However, instead of being limited to sites that interest me, you'd rather go check the lists of social sites and pick the ones that fall in your industry.

12 Lists of Social Sites

  • Social networking god: 350 categorized social networking sites from Mashable (Oct 2007)
  • Digg-style applications: Hundreds of categorized custom Digg style sites, Pligg-based sites, social sites/networks in foreign languages and so on.
  • 83 social sites: various social sites, cagetorized by the topic. Judging by the size of the list, I'd figure it covers most common topics and the sites have some traffic.

Share Your Ideas, Write Posts and Do It Now


I've had several great ideas on how to build a site or what content to create for months now, but the lack of time doesn't allow me to do much.

As time passes by, I notice people doing what I thought would be a good idea or already developed sites, right what I was thinking about. This was and is not only amuzing, but also interesting.

For example, I've noticed this phenomenon a while ago and surely enough, Aaron Wall finally writes about sharing your ideas now (with more examples of this lazy bloggers plague).

What I Do, When not Improving the Web

I've been tagged by Elizabeth to write about what I am doing, when not doing SEO.


When I have a full time job, I run in the morning (2-6am). It turned out I can't make myself run, if I don't have a financial guarantee to afford food and equipment in the long run (literally, too), btw. In winter, it is mostly fast, short runs, while in summer I tend to run for hours.


As Elizabeth, I also cook, but nothing fancy. It doesn't mean it isn't delicious though.

Follow Fundamental Rules of Internet Marketing to Build Successful Business (Part 1)


When going online, few people give much thought to all the aspects of running an online business. But in order to be among the 5% of the businesses that still run after their first year, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Know your target market

In order to create something that people would love to buy and use, you need to know your target market. To do this, you can:

Microsoft Plays Referrer Stats Games and Ruins Your AdSense Income

While it is common, nowadays, to whine how Google shouldn't tell people how to make money with their websites (like selling links), this time Microsoft has done the same.

Lately, it's been noticed that spams the referrer logs of the websites, claiming that it is only about quality check.

What Makes the Community Sites Different?


Back in the days, Web 2.0 was defined as a new medium that allows people to share things. Blogs and social sites were Web 2.0 and forums and personal sites were 1.0.

State of the Web and the forums

In a Cre8asite Forums thread, a question is raised about the state of the Web and where forums find themselves in it.

And while this is a very good question, it got me thinking. What makes a forum and what makes a social site?

3 Solid Reasons to Charge Fairly for Your Web Services


In business, you may often want to offer a "competitive" price in order to win a client. But what happens when you do get him?

Do you work as hard as you'd be working for a better pay?
Do you enjoy working as cheap labour?

In essence, I'd think that you should charge yourself fairly, because:

  1. you'll actually be doing what you can, not what you have to just to match the price
  2. you'll enjoy the work (it should be #1, but its second to what the customer gets)

Use Words on Your Site Correctly: The Complete Guide


When optimizing your website, it is generally expected that your pages need to have certain keyword density to be ranked with the search engines. While it is a good idea to have at least one keyword on the page, you also need to remember that real people will be reading your pages, so you need to also write your text for the people.

Do You Use Your Own Knowledge for Yourself?


As an expert, especially, if you do consulting, you, probably, spend a great deal time of using your knowledge for your clients and educating them around the industry. But how well do you apply your knowledge to your own work and business?

For example, for any client, you'd probably advise:

  • knowing the industry (you do that already, hopefully)
  • building something of value and providing value on every step of the journey

How do You Use Your Power Account?


In social marketing, having a powerful account to submit from helps to get the story to the front page, or to get noticed, at least. In fact, some link baiters build strong accounts specifically to get successful promotions for their clients.

Lately, as my Stumble Upon account grows, I begin to sense responsibility for stuff I thumbs up and review, because it is seen by the people from the Web industry.

7 Shopping Cart Tips That Even Amazon Could Use


How many times have you started shopping, put a great deal of effort in entering all the required information, only to see the "You can't buy now" message. Read where Amazon has failed and how you can improve your shopping cart (scroll to the bottom, if in a hurry).

The story

Increase Your AdWords Conversion Rate by 126% in a Few Hours


Though I've had the data for this post for a while, I wanted to share it along with the results of the landing page contest that ran at SEOmoz. It turned out that my page was filtered, because "it got filtered out in the process."

At any rate, I want to share my experience from another project and some knowledge with you.

Earlier, I was working on optimizing Google AdWords performance to increase software download conversions. After I had tweaked the landing page, split the ad group in two and rewritten the ads, the conversions from search ads have more than doubled. So I thought I'd share the case with you.

Interesting SEO Expert Video Interviews from SES


Recent Search Engine Strategies conference has given us plenty of videos, filmed by Mike McDonald of WebProNews.

Paid Links: Michael Gray and Rand Fishkin

Rand and Michael discuss Google's policy on paid links, how Google uses fear, uncertainty and doubt, why there are some questions left still and what webmasters are supposed to do.

Use 25 Expert Techniques to Have a Successful Blog


Blogging has been proven and advised to attract large quantities of visitors, readers and, possibly, customers. Whatever your reason to blog is, follow these proven techniques from the experts to become a successful blogger.

Put plenty of effort in your blog

Most beginner bloggers think that blogging is easy. It is, on the surface. However, you may want to know that:

  • it takes time and effort to produce posts
  • it takes time to get noticed


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