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Balancing between short and long copy

While you may have read about creating quality information for your websites and how to write it, you may also be interested in know how much to write about your products, services, sales copy, etc.

Tell them everything

First of all, you need to make sure you have informed your readers of everything about what your offer. This will ensure they will make an educated decision about it. For example, your copy may include:

and many others.

Informing your customer about all the benefits of your product and how the reader can use your product is the base on which your potential customer will be making his decision. So you'll need to address every possible concern he may have.

Keep it short

Including every bit of information about your product is good. But you want your reader to read it all and to stay on your site, right? That's why you need to make it as short as possible, while keeping only the necessary information.

For example, instead of writing paragraphs about the benefits of the product, you can stick to a list with short benefit descriptions. When describing how your product helps to solve a problem your customer may have, you just name the situation and the way your product solves the issue. In short, your message has to be clear and to the point.

Balancing between long and short

Now, you may have a lot of information left after you have condensed it into shorter paragraphs, lists and such. And still you have a long page. Will the customer read it to the end?

Another way to educate your customers is to direct them to more pages, which dwell upon the details you were writing about in more detail. While it may not be helpful to distract your readers from the sales copy, it is the only way to go, if you have an insanely long piece of information.

Of course, you can also format the text, using shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences, lists, emphasize the text and so on - that should make the whole text readable.


Technically, there is no single answer to the question, whether use short or long copy or how to format your exact text. Only you will be able to take all the facts into account and make your decision.

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