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About Yura Filimonov

A photo of Yuri Filimonov in winter

I am Yura Filimonov and I'm an Internet marketer from Russia.

Currently, I am working on my own project and help people with building and promoting websites. When working on websites, I pay attention to all aspects of a site, because a balance of all the aspects is required for the site to work successfully.

I started in SEO in 2004 and since then, I have gained significant knowledge and skills in:

Knowing all the above lets me take a high-view approach to the website, take most of the aspects into account to create much better websites or promote them more effectively.

If you want to improve your website, you can:

Apart from this blog, you can find me online at:

You can also read my other articles at:

You can learn a bit more about me here and here.

P.S. Yura is my common name. Yuri is a formal variant I used online before, though Yuriy/Yury is what my international passports say.